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Tart... Not Sour (2010)

Uketronic= Ukulele used in various electronica.

2011 Album (2011)

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Hello! I'm Eliaz McMillan and I love music! I'm learning to play the ukulele. 2010's RPM Challenge was my first, so I started learning to write songs too. Here, you'll find some more traditional sounding ukulele fare, but I also like electronic music (industrial, ambient and noise), so you'll hear some of that sneaking in as well under the genre of what I like to call Uketronic. Enjoy!

Eliaz McMillan on Ukulele, stock pot, tattoo machine and GarageBand 08



Completed Albums

Tart... Not Sour(2010)

Uketronic= Ukulele used in various electronica.

Pyramid   Download
Sever   Download
Flames in the Forehead of the Morning Sky   Download
Marilyn   Download
When She Smiles   Download
Blunder & Wallow   Download
Cephalopod Sway   Download
Ukin' the Blues   Download
Actually...   Download
Hip Deep   Download
86   (preferred)   Download
Oh, Ya Think So, Do Ya?   Download
Tart... Not Sour   Download

2011 Album(2011)

No tracks have been uploaded for this album yet.